Alicia & Manuel's Wedding Party

2022-08-20 | Malmö - Sweden


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Welcome to Tangokompaniet, the evening starts with mingling and drinks, potentially an activity or a game


Dinner starts


Karaoke/open mic


Dancing, snacks


The music must be turned off in the venue

Please note that minor changes may occur in the itinerary!



Fredriksbergsgatan 7, 212 11 Malmö (Tangokompaniet)

Other Information

Dress Code

The venue has a rule that everyone must wear clean shoes, we therefore ask that all our guests bring a change of shoes so that you don't wear the shoes you walked outside in. This is important to us as we don't want to become responsible for any extra cleaning charges! All types of (clean) shoes are allowed, even heels.
Besides the rule regarding the shoes, we want everyone to wear what they feel nice and happy in!


There are a few parking spots nearby the venue. Primarily we recommend going by bus or train as it is very close to the bus station Värnhem and connected by bus to Lund and different parts of Malmö including the central train station. You are welcome to ask Alicia and Manuel before the day if you want guidance on how to travel by bus or tram in Malmö & Lund.